Mohey, My Trainer…. I thank you for making These Thighs Toned, I love you! Missy’s trainer Mohey took her from plus-size to bite-size in under two years. It was like a year or two, and man, new look, new body … 71 pounds gone … look I can do whatever I want to. How’d she do it? By working out with Mohey up to 4 times a day, every day of the week. Thanks in part to a rigorous exercise program and optimal nutrition plan designed by Elsayed, Elliott has lost over 70 pounds in keeping with her commitment to lower her weight along with the risks associated with hypertension.
Missy Elliot, Music Powerhouse Singer,
producer, and actress
After Playing 65 games for the Mexican National Soccer team I began having terrible back pain that was very sever. I was advised to visit many international surgeons and Therapist for many months and to my surprise my pain was constant and consistent. Only after meeting Mohey for few sessions and following his simple but very effective M3lifestyle exercises and stretches that my core is strong again and I am pain free. I strongly suggest if anyone is looking for a long term solutions to their back pain is to follow this simple and easy to follow program.
Enrique Borja,
Legendary soccer player of Mexico.
After a long career of soccer in Italy in teams such as Foggia, Roma, Verona, Catania and Cesena, I started having terrible back problems and pain that caused me to be inactive for a while. A friend of mine in the team recommended that I work with Mohey to fix my problems with my back, so when I flew to Miami and met him, within our first few sessions and using the M3 Stretches I began to have my life back and I am now back in Italy pain free and playing and coaching again
Guiseppe Colucci,
Italian Soccer Star
We have known Mohey for many years and have found him to be a person of great character and integrity. We have both benefited from his training methods, and wish the best of luck with whatever his future plans may be.
Zein and Majdi Hussein,
Princess Zein bint Al Hussein
, The Royal Family of Jordan
I have been recognized as on of the top agents in the music industry. My company, International Talent Group {ITG} was the premier agency of the 1970’s-1990’s, representing Genesis, Phil Collins, Pink Floyd, Duran Duran, Depeche Mode, Robert Plant, Steve Miller, Jean-Luc Ponty, and Jullian Lennon, among others. Recently, I’ve coordinated much of the booking and promotion for the Rolling Stones a Bigger bang World Tour in Latin America, Asia and Australia, New Zealand. Working with some of the top acts in the music industry can be quite time-consuming. That is why, having a trainer like Mohey has proven to be so valuable in my life. Mohey has been my trainer for the past eight years. Since then, my health has improved, I have more energy and strength, and I have developed a discipline for staying in shape. Mohey was an important factor in all of this. His professionalism and drive is commendable. I would recommend Mohey to any individual who is looking for a dynamic, bright and accomplished trainer.
Michael Farrell, ITG, Live Nation Artists
M3 lifestyle is the most amazing comprehensive motivational, nutrition, and fitness program ever created
Mark Strickland, NBA basketball star
Former Miami Heat player
I am writing this as a strong recommendation for Mohey and the life changing M3 lifestyle program. As a professional baseball player for top teams such as New York Mets, Cardinals, Tigers, Dodgers, and Astros, the M3 program enabled me to stay in great shape and maintain the stamina and strength to meet the challenges of the game
Roger Cedeno, Former professional baseball player for New York Mets, Cardinals, and Astros
Two weeks ago I was in terrible pain and couldn’t bend down or even sit. I was contemplating going to a pain clinic and even thought of using a surgeon. My dear friend and partner convinced me to see you as a remedy to correct my problem. At first I thought what could a physical trainer do that doctors were not able to correct. Mohey I want to thank you as after only three visits and your schedule of in home exercises I am now pain free.
Jack Smith, Co-founder of Sports Authority
The best trainer money can buy
VH1 Music Station, VH1 Music Station
As a member of the family who developed Williams Island, I had a wonderful ” up close” experience with Mohey and his M3 lifestyle program. This past year I called on Mohey and his program to assist me with one of my Dreamers, a young lady who was obese, and contemplating stomach surgery. Today she has lost 80 lbs, her medical condition is greatly improved and her self-esteem is amazing!
Stephanie Trump, Founder and president I have a Dream Foundation Miami Inc
Under M3lifestyle program I have become stronger, more flexible, and most importantly healthier. Gone are back pains, the leg cramps, and the inability to lift anything heavier than one pound. Not bad for a 74 year old woman who had a chronic back pain for more than forty years!
Elinor Ganz, Chairman, Lion Brothers
I strongly recommend working with Mohey and the amazing M3 lifestyle program, but I believe the M3 programs are one of the best gifts you could buy yourself
Michael Orlove, As a businessman, I have served as chairman for a variety of businesses over a 30 year span. My Clients have included AT&T T- Mobil, AIG and Lenscrafters
Your Innovative, enthusiastic discussions on fitness, nutrition, and health and wellness have inspired our club members to emulate the ” M3lifestyle program: Mindset, Motivation, and Moderation core values in their daily lives
Philip Herzberg, President Elect, Rotary Club of Miami Lakes, Rotary Club international
M3 lifestyle program and DVD programs is an amazing program because it shows stretching exercises that I have been doing for a long time. This has worked very well by helping my lower back and being more fit and flexible
Pedro Bermann, M.D.
I would like to take this time to personally thank you for introducing me to M3lifestyle program. As you had well noted, I was in much need of help for stretching and doing exercises properly. As a result I feel the difference each week, I am watching my diet, and feel much better.
Salvatore J. Forcina, M.D.
For most of my entire life, I have looked and thought of myself as the ” fat girl “. M3lifestyle has helped me to change my mindset so that I quit putting labels on myself. M3 programs are terrific for anyone trying to make a real lifestyle change. I have lost 45 pounds in four months
Sheryl Weitman
It was only after two orthopedic Surgeons informed me that I need surgery to stop the awful pain in my lower back, I was encouraged to speak to Williams Island Fitness Director Mohey Elsayed. A plan was outlined, and I did everything Mohey’s program ( M3lifestyle program ) directed and after four weeks I wasn’t thinking surgery anymore
Edward Gittleman
Thanks to M3 lifestyle and Mohey who is like my personal trainer, I was motivated at all times. In seven weeks I lost 14 pounds. I finally have the sexy body that I always dreamed of…
Jessica (Lost 14 pounds)
There is nothing else like it, it’s a one-stop shop and it really works. As a matter of fact I’m running my first marathon. One of the very unique aspects of the program is…it teaches is that you can make your own food, that you can stay at home, or if you are going to go out what you should order and what you shouldn’t. Mohey explains these exercises, very clearly, which helps boost your confidence…and Dr. Joe and his psychological tips really give you an edge, which you wouldn’t get otherwise…
Parker (Lost 28 pounds)
Anyone can do it, I don’t care how busy you are. And its motivating and Mohey is just absolutely wonderful. I feel the energy I didn’t believe possible after having three children. Mentally physically I can do anything I feel fantastic about myself and when you feel good about yourself anything is possible
Kelly (Lost 50 pounds)
I’ve seen a lot of DVD’s, videos, fitness programs, but it never seems to be successful for the client… the one thing I really like about the M3 lifestyle is their fitness component is so great. All of the exercises they’re very easy to follow and it even pulls them into my own programs for my clients… it has the psychological component that pulls everything together and gives you that motivation… to obtain your goals.
Hey Mohey!!! How’re things going? Well for me, life is getting better everyday. I’m now down 85 pounds. I’m going to try the M3 program for the last finishing touches. I’m sending you these pictures, because I feel as though u helped build my foundation, and now the house is almost complete. I just want to thank you.
Shantell Butler
As a professor of Health Education, I know that adapting our personal behaviors can be challenging and often frustrating. Even while we may KNOW that such change will benefit us, it can be difficult to follow through with our plans. Over the past twenty years, I have seen how Dr. Joe’s Self Coaching Technique has been successfully utilized in different areas of mental wellness. I have found his message inspiring, both personally and professionally. And now Dr. Joe has refined this technique, creating a wonderful approach that supports individual change through Power Thinking. Power Thinking is a rich, practical, and realistic process that provides opportunities for individual insight, motivation, and, when necessary, re-motivation. I am so pleased to see that such a program is now available – it will surely help many succeed in improving their healthier behaviors and I applaud this!
Kathryn Rolland, EdD, MPH, Associate Professor, Community Health Education & Public Health Program in Urban Public Health Hunter College, CUNY
As a radiologist, it would appear that my specialty would rarely intersect with clinical psychology. But many of my patients have significant challenges including chronic, debilitating or terminal illness. Many of these patients are in desperate need of help. Dr. Joe has been a colleague for many years, and his intelligence, insight and compassion are unequaled. He has the unique ability to teach patients to help themselves – his self-coaching philosophy. Utilizing Dr. Joe’s techniques, patients better understand what motivates their behaviors, and what insight and skill are needed to take control of their lives. His patients adore him.
Jonathan Smith, M.D.
Dear Mohey, your program is awesome. I’ve only been able to glance at it but it seems amazingly comprehensive and well done.
Dion Friedland


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