The internationally acclaimed M3 Lifestyle Anti-Aging Back Stretches and Breathing Exercises are specifically designed to maximize the process of oxygenating your muscles as you perform the stretches and breathing exercises.

The M3 Lifestyle Back Strengthening Program

M3 Lifestyle Back Strengthening Program is an effective system created by the celebrity trainer Mohey Elsayed which focuses mainly on the strength, flexibility, harmony and balance of your body. Treatment is a drug-free non-invasive exercise that focuses on total body health by treating and strengthening the muscular -skeletal frameworks.

M3 Lifestyle Back Strengthening Program can
treat a variety of issues, some of these are:

  • lower back pain
  • back ache
  • upper back pain
  • sports injuries
  • slipped disc
  • occupational injuries (e.g. postural injuries)
  • repetitive strain injuries

The M3 Stretches improves everyday activities and greatly enhances sports performance as it focuses on Core training and Stretching.


To Orient your mind toward rewards and challenges to come


To Persist in reaching for your goals


To Sustain your effort with realistic goals and realistic expectations

Mohey, My Trainer…. I thank you for making These Thighs Toned, I love you
Missy Elliot, Music Powerhouse
Singer, producer, and actress
The best trainer money can buy
VH1 Music Station, VH1 Music station
M3 lifestyle is the most amazing comprehensive motivational, nutrition, and fitness program ever created
Mark Strickland, NBA basketball star
Former Miami Heat player
I’ve coordinated much of the booking and promotion for the Rolling Stones a Bigger Bang World Tour, having a program like M3lifestyle has proven to be a valuable part of my life…
Michael Farrell, ITG, Live Nation Artists
The M3 program enabled me to stay in great shape and maintain the stamina and strength to meet the challenges of the game
Roger Cedeno, Former professional baseball player for New York Mets, Cardinals, and Astros
Mohey, I want to thank you as after only three visits and your schedule of in home M3lifestyle program I am now pain free.
Jack Smith, Co-founder of Sports Authority
This past year I called on Mohey and his program to assist me with one of my Dreamers, a young lady who was obese, and contemplating stomach surgery. Today she has lost 80 lbs, her medical condition is greatly improved and her self-esteem is amazing!
Stephanie Trump, Founder and president I have a Dream Foundation Miami Inc
Under M3lifestyle program I have become stronger, more flexible, and most importantly healthier. Gone are back pains, the leg Cramps, and the inability to lift anything heavier than one pound. Not bad for a 74 year old woman who had a chronic back pain for more than forty years!
Elinor Ganz, Chairman, Lion Brothers
I strongly recommend working with Mohey and the amazing M3 lifestyle program, but I believe the M3 programs are one of the best gifts you could buy yourself
Michael Orlove, As a businessman, I have served as chairman for a variety of businesses over a 30 year span. My Clients have included AT&T T- Mobil, AIG and Lenscrafters
Your Innovative, enthusiastic discussions on fitness, nutrition, and health and wellness have inspired our club members to emulate the ” M3lifestyle program: Mindset, Motivation, and Moderation core values in their daily lives
Philip Herzberg, President Elect, Rotary Club of Miami Lakes, Rotary Club international
M3 lifestyle program and DVD programs is an amazing program because it shows stretching exercises that I have been doing for a long time. This has worked very well by helping my lower back and being more fit and flexible
Pedro Bermann, M.D.
I was in much need of help for stretching and doing exercises properly. As a result I feel the difference each week, I am watching my diet, and feel much better.
Salvatore J. Forcina, M.D.
We have known Mohey for many years and have much benefited from M3lifestyle program!
Jordanian Royal family
M3 programs are terrific for anyone trying to make a real lifestyle change. I have lost 45 pounds in four months
Sheryl Weitman
A plan was outlined, and I did everything Mohey’s program ( M3lifestyle program ) directed and after four weeks I wasn’t thinking surgery anymore
Edward Gittleman
Thanks to M3 lifestyle and Mohey who is like my personal trainer, I was motivated at all times. In seven weeks I lost 14 pounds. I finally have the sexy body that I always dreamed of…
Jessica (Lost 14 pounds)
There is nothing else like it, it’s a one-stop shop and it really works…
Parker (Lost 28 pounds)
Anyone can do it, I don’t care how busy you are. And its motivating and Mohey is just absolutely wonderful…
Kelly (Lost 50 pounds)
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The M3 Lifestyle Back Strengthening Program contains images and detailed instruction for many common lower back pain issues. These exercises and stretches are easy, short and safe to perform.
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