An acclaimed fitness trainer, Mohey Elsayed brings many years of experience to encourage and motivate clients from star athletes and entertainment giants to top corporate executives. Among the high-profile clients he’s personally trained are the Sammy Sosa family, top team members of the New York Knicks and New York Mets, the Miami Heat and the St. Louis Cardinals, as well as entertainment powerhouse Missy Elliott–who publicly thanked him on one of her CD covers “for making my thighs toned” after a remarkable weight loss. VH1 music television calls him “the best trainer money can buy.”

Mohey directed the internationally famous Williams Island Spa in Florida for over 14 years, also was Fitness Director for the Rock Resort, and world famous Eden Roc Hotel in Miami Beach, FL. He is the current Director of Fitness for Healthy Living NYC.

Through college and beyond, Mohey’s interest in the combination of wellness and fitness moved from anatomy to biology and nutrition to the study of human behavior. As a candidate for a Master’s degree he’ll be entering a PhD program in Psychology soon, the culmination of his longtime interest in the psychology of self-improvement. He says, “We all possess amazing potential once we tap into it. I consider myself simply a key that turns on a powerful engine.”

Mohey attributes his great success with his clients to the three M’s of The M3 Lifestyle:

Mindset, Motivation, and Moderation.